Public Relations and Events Committee

Committee Heads

Nimmi Penmatsa and Anuj Patel


Name: Aashika Nayak

Major: Economics

Grad Year: 2020

Bio: Aashika is a freshman at Rutgers University and is planning on pursuing an Economics degree. She has been involved with FBLA since junior year of high school and is excited to see what PBL has in store for her. As a member of the PR/Events committee, Aashika is excited to plan and execute various PBL events and get involved with the PBL community. During her spare time, Aashika enjoys to bake and binge watch Netflix. She is also an avid follower of soccer (Go Gunners and Hala Madrid)!

Name: Elijah Viola

Major: Accounting

Grad Year: 2019

Bio: Elijah is a sophomore studying accounting in the Rutgers Business School. This is her second year in PBL; last year she was with the Community Service Committee. Elijah plans on further getting involved in planning PBL projects while taking advantage of the networking that comes from the business events. In addition to the PR and Events Committee, Elijah is part of the Douglass Residential College, Rutgers Cru (a Christian campus group) and works as an accounting intern.

Name: Vrinda Mohan

Major: Computer Engineering

Grad Year: 2020

Bio: Vrinda Mohan is currently a freshmen in the Rutgers School of Engineering majoring in Computer Engineering. She has been involved in FBLA since her freshmen year of high school where she has held two officer positions and is excited to be apart of PBL this year. As a member of the PR/Events committee, Vrinda looks forward to using her creativity to plan, promote, and execute various events! Outside of FBLA-PBL Vrinda enjoys photography, watching tv, cooking, traveling, and watching soccer with her friends!

Name: Veronica Conin

Major: Marketing and Supply Chain

Minor: Visual Arts

Grad Year: 2020

Bio: Veronica is currently a freshman at the Rutgers Business School majoring in Marketing and Supply Chain Management and minoring in Visual Arts. This is her first year being a part of FBLA, and she is looking forward to being involved in the community. As a new member of the Public Relations and Events Committee, she is excited to help spread the club image and host events. Outside of FBLA-PBL, Veronica enjoys playing tennis, drawing and watching movies.

Name: Akash Chhabra

Major: Economics and Business Administration

Grad Year: 2017

Bio: Akash is a Senior majoring in Economics and Business Administration. He transferred from NJIT last year and joined PBL since. Joining PBL has given him great insight into not only the world of Business but also on the club as a whole. The people that are part of the club were always so nice and helpful at any given time and took him in so warm-heartedly.

Name: Harieth Taneja

Major: BAIT

Grad Year: 2020

Bio: Harieth Taneja is currently a freshman in the Rutgers Business School majoring in BAIT. He decided to join PBL as part of the PR and events committee to help out and expand his experience of leadership and community service. Outside PBL, Harieth enjoys playing the violin, practicing badminton, coding, keeping up with current events and watching netflix.

Name: Sauda Meah

Major: Management & Global Business

Grad Year: 2020

Bio: Sauda is currently a freshman at the Rutgers Business School majoring in Management & Global Business. She just recently became involved in FBLA-PBL this year and has become a member of the Public Relations/Events Committee. Sauda hopes to become a valuable team member with the use of her creativity and graphic design skills, as well as become involved in all of the upcoming events. Outside of FBLA-PBL, Sauda enjoys volunteering, graphic designing (using programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.), and drawing.

Name: Sachi Gulyani

Major: Finance

Minor: French

Grad Year: 2020

Bio: Sachi is a freshman in the Rutgers Business School planning to pursue a major in Finance and a minor in French. Sachi first got involved with FBLA-PBL in Hillsborough High School and was the president her senior year. Her passion led her to continue her FBLA-PBL career in college. Sachi is very excited to be part of the PR and Events Committee and looks forward to working with everybody to make the organization a better one. Outside of PBL, Sachi loves reading, traveling, and doing spontaneous things.

Name: Matthew Greenstein

Major: Business-Undecided

Grad Year: 2020

Bio: Matthew is a freshman in the Rutgers Business School who is undecided on what he wants to major in, but loves studying statistics. He is a believer that to be successful you must be innovative and a leader, two characteristics that play well for the Public Relations and Event Committee. He is extremely excited to be on the PR and Events Committee and hopes to help spread PBL all across campus. Outside of PBL, Matthew is an avid baseball, basketball, and football fan with his favorite sports team being the New York Mets.