Professional Development Committee

Committee Head

Elaine Lee


Name: Anisha Patel

Major: Finance and BAIT

Grad Year: 2019

Bio: I am a proud member of the Honors College here at Rutgers University and serve as an ambassador for both the Honors College and Rutgers Business School. I am also a member of the Institute for International and Domestic Affairs at Rutgers through which I help organize the annual Rutgers Model UN and Model Congress Conferences. I love meeting new people, being able to exchange ideas and opinions with them, and seeing the world in new perspectives. I hope to one day acquire a job in Financial Analytics that allows me to travel the world and explore new cultures and people on a daily basis.

Name: Shekhar Kripalani

Major: BAIT

Grad Year: 2020

Bio: Shekhar Kripalani currently attends the Rutgers School of Business in New Brunswick, NJ. Throughout high school, he was enrolled and successful in various Honors and AP® math courses. In his free time, he takes part in karate, cricket, and the marching band. Shekhar has previous experience tutoring students through the National Honor Society at JP Stevens High School and the Math Plus NJ community. Shekhar is a student employee at the Accounting Department of Rutgers. He also actively teaches karate and drums to young children and is now part of the Rutgers Acapella group, Nuttin’ but Vocals. Shekhar enjoys his experiences working with students of various ages and aspires to continue to impact them in a positive way through the PBL Community.

Name: Neil Shah

Major: Management

Grad Year: 2020

Bio: Neil Shah is currently a freshman at the Rutgers Business School, where he is a member of the Honors College. His interest in business began in 8th grade when he watched an episode of Shark Tank in an entrepreneurship class. Since then, Neil has been involved in a multitude of organizations, ranging from peer-mentor groups to cultural awareness clubs. He hopes to one day be a lead executive for a Fortune 500 company. In his free time, Neil enjoys watching sports and going out with friends.

Name: Alisha Sahay

Major: Supply Chain Management

Grad Year: 2020

Bio: Alisha is a freshman at Rutgers this fall, working towards a degree in Supply Chain with hopes of working in business side of fashion. This is her first year being a part of the organization, and she will serve on the Professional Development committee. She is currently a contributing editor and writer for the Odyssey–New Brunswick and loves shopping, dancing and doing art projects.

Name: Adriana Hong

Major: Finance and Accounting

Grad Year: 2020

Bio: Adriana Hong is currently a Freshman member of the Honors College through the Rutgers Business School. She hopes to pursue a degree in Finance, Accounting, or both, depending on how her interests develop. Throughout the past four years, Adriana has been a dedicated member of public speaking oriented extracurriculars, clubs focused on global issues and cultures, as well as community service organizations. She aims to continue furthering these interests in college, and in her spare time, enjoys exploring creative writing and high fashion.

Name: Ryan Kola

Major: Finance and Mathematics

Grad Year: 2020

Bio: Ryan Kola is a Freshman within the Business School and Honors College majoring in Finance and Mathematics with other academic interests in the fields of Economics, Computer Science, and Linguistics. In addition to joining Business groups such as Rutgers PBL and LIBOR, Ryan has been involved with numerous Service initiatives, including a self-started Education and Infrastructure Development Initiative overseas. He plans to pursue social entrepreneurship to complement his interest in Business with Community Service. Ryan loves soccer, playing the piano, and hiking.