Historian-Webmaster Committee

Committee Head

Kunal Bhosale



Name: Ritika Jain

Major: BAIT

Grad Year: 2022

Bio: I’m a motivational individual who’s been part of FBLA for 4 years in high school and went to a state leadership conference for 3 years and national leadership conference for 1 year, during those conferences was when I found out about PBL and wanted to be a part of it in college. I am also a part of the consulting club at Rutgers. I love dancing and have been dancing since I was 5!

Name: Heera Durga

Major: BAIT and Finance

Grad Year: 2023

Bio: I have been involved with FBLA since my sophomore year of high school. I am looking forward to incorporating new ideas in improving the site as well as using my experience in photography and photoshop at PBL. I hope to do well in my courses this year and get real-life experience in the business field through an internship opportunity. Apart from PBL, I am also a part of the RBSIC committee.