Historian-Webmaster Committee

Committee Heads

Eli Minkin and Matt Peyrek


Name: Kevin Reshamwala

Major: Finance and Supply Chain

Grad Year: 2019

Bio: Kevin Reshamwala is currently a sophomore majoring in Finance and Supply Chain. He has channeled his passion for business by working in different environments such as large retail companies to small wholesale enterprises. By joining PBL, he continues to explore the world of business and expand his horizons. As a member of the Historian-Webmaster Committee, he looks forward to contributing to the organization by updating its website and creating an informative newsletter. Outside of PBL, Kevin enjoys playing sports, watching movies, and discussing current events.

Name: Brandon Daley

Major: Supply Chain Management

Grad Year: 2019

Bio: Hi my name is Brandon and I\’m a sophomore in RBS. My goals for FBLA are too increase my understanding of business today and further develop leadership skills that I can apply to future jobs, internships, etc. I have a passion for writing ( I write for RUSCA) and am a huge basketball fan. I did not participate in FBLA in high school but found it very intriguing to join because it emphasizes leading and being involved, which is what I want to do. Those are the cornerstones of success.

Name: Rahul Pant

Major: Computer Science & Finance

Grad Year: 2019

Bio: Driven social techie who believes in the ability of business to affect change on a global scale. Interested in exploring the role of technology in the developing world as well as the market disruption created through technological innovation. Constantly looking to grow as both a student and a leader through unique, developmental experiences that cultivate creativity and foster a global outlook.

Name: Somik Shah

Major: Accounting/Supply Chain Management

Grad Year: 2019

Bio: Somik Shah is a sophomore in Rutgers Business School who is interested in the field of audit, because it allows him to travel and meet different clients. However, he would not mind pursuing a career with Intel because he could learn a lot from relocating to the West Coast. His interests include reading about and discussing international affairs.