Historian-Webmaster Committee

Committee Heads

Kevin Malar and Kunal Bhosale










Name: Aashika Nayak

Major: Computer Science

Grad Year: 2020

Bio: Aashika was a member of the PR and Events committee of her freshman year of college and is excited to see what PBL has in store for her this year as a member of the Historian-Webmaster committee. Aashika is  looking forward to getting involved with the PBL community through a different perspective and learning new skills. During her spare time, she likes to sleep and binge on her favorite tv shows!

Name: Manav Sharma

Major: BAIT and Finance

Grad Year: 2022

Bio: Manav has been involved in FBLA-PBL since junior year of high school. He is looking forward to contributing to the FBLA-PBL site by maintaining and improving the site, as well as updating the FBLA-PBL newsletter. Outside of PBL, he is a member of LIBOR and the Quantitative Finance Club.

Name: Sushant Gupt

Major: BAIT & Marketing

Grad Year: 2021

Bio: Hi! Sushant Gupt  is a sophomore at RBS studying BAIT & Marketing. He has been involved with FBLA since my junior year of high school transitioning into being an active member at PBL here at Rutgers. Sushant enjoys photography and videography as hobbies and hope to bring them PBL this year as being part of the Historian-Webmaster committee. Besides PBL, he is involved with Rutgers UNICEF as the treasurer, charity water: Rutgers, Rutgers Real Estate Club, and LIBOR.

Name: Vrinda Mohan

Major: Cognitive Science

Grad Year:2020

Bio: Vrinda is  a junior pursuing a major in Cognitive Science with minors in Computer Science, Critical Intelligence, Philosophy, and South Asian Studies. She has been with FBLA for all of her high school career serving as the Historian then President for her local chapter and a part of Rutgers PBL Webmaster and Historian committee last year. Vrinda enjoys listening to music, binge-watching Netflix and traveling to new places.