Fundraising Committee

Committee Head

Sumedha Dua


Name: Sam Verma

Major: Accounting and BAIT

Grad Year: 2021

Bio: Sam Verma is currently a freshman at the Rutgers Business School and plans to pursue a double major in Accounting and Business Analytics and Information Technology. He has been a member of FBLA in high school for three years, in which he served as his school’s Treasurer and Vice President of Membership. He has continued his involvement in this organization by participating in PBL. Sam is currently a member of the fundraising committee and hopes to find new, creative, and effective ways to generate money for Rutgers PBL. He also hopes to meet new people and expand his knowledge of the business world.

Name: Neha Patel

Major: Finance and Accounting

Grad Year: 2019

Bio: Neha Patel is currently a sophomore at the Rutgers Business School and is planning to major in Finance and Accounting. Neha has been involved in FBLA since sophomore year of high school and has been a member of the Fundraising Committee in PBL since her freshman year. She has really enjoyed the new experiences and responsibilities she has had through PBL and hopes to give back and become an even more integral part of the club in the years to come. Outside of PBL, Neha is very passionate about tennis, and she enjoys being active, dancing and traveling.

Name: Pasquale Basanese

Major: Finance

Grad Year: 2018

Bio: Pat is currently a Junior at Rutgers University. He transferred here in the Fall of 2015 and plans on majoring in Finance. Pat holds an internship position at Jacob’s Engineering. He also is involved with PBL by holding a position on the fundraising committee.

Name: Alisha Daley

Major: Finance and Spanish

Grad Year: 2019

Bio: Alisha Daley is a fundraising committee member for FBLA-PBL. She is an accounting major in her sophomore year. In her free time, Alisha likes to eat with her friends and watch That 70s Show.

Name: Reshni Mahtani

Major: Marketing and Supply Chain Management

Grad Year: 2019

Bio: Reshni Mahtani is currently a sophomore in the Rutgers Business School and SAS Honors Program. She plans on double majoring in Marketing and Supply Chain Management. Reshni was a part of FBLA for four years in high school and is excited to be a part of PBL this year for her first time in college. Outside of PBL, Reshni enjoys dancing, writing, and going out with family and friends.

Name: Ravi Vyas

Major: Finance and Mathematics

Grad Year: 2019

Bio: Ravi Vyas is currently a sophomore in the Business School and SAS Honors Program. He is double majoring in Finance and Mathematics, and wishes to pursue a career in investment banking or quantitative finance. He has been part of FBLA since his senior year in high school, and is very fond of both soccer and basketball.

Name: Jaffer Hashmi

Major: Finance and Accounting

Grad Year: 2019

Bio: Jaffer Hashmi is a sophomore in the Business School as well as in the School of Arts and Sciences Honors Program. He is double majoring in finance and accounting, and is interested in a career on Wall Street. He is a avid basketball fan, and played throughout high school and college. This is his second year as a PBL member.