President 2015-2016

External Vice President 2014-2015

Name: Dhara Singh

Major: Finance and Supply Chain Management


Grad Year: 2016

Bio: Dhara Singh was a dedicated member of the FBLA-PBL organization since she was a sophomore in high school. By taking on different challenges, competitive events, and leadership positions. Dhara knew she wanted to continue her FBLA-PBL journey in college. She believes the number one asset of the organization is the opportunity for members to develop confidence in their talents/abilities. As a current analyst in J.P Morgan Private Bank, Dhara credits much of her problem-solving, networking, and teamwork skills to her FBLA-PBL experience. “This organization offers a variety of opportunities to improve your professional development skills, but it’s up to you to take full advantage of them”. She believes PBL truly offers an environment where students of all majors can help one another to reach their full potential. The organization has also allowed Dhara to gain valuable mentors that she can to this day still ask for advice. As she looks into graduate school, Dhara believes the confidence she has gained from the organization will help her throughout her lifetime.

President 2014-2015

Treasurer 2012-2014

Name: Peter Traficante

Major: Accounting, Economics, and Communication

Minor: Psychology

Grad Year: 2015

Bio: Peter continues his passion for FBLA-PBL as a member of the Professional Division and aspires to become a national officer. He has been in the organization for over 10 years and attributes many of his successes to everything he learned and experienced as a member while in high school and college. He remains driven to advocate that the opportunities which FBLA-PBL provide are unequivocal and helps so much in finding and securing a job out of college. He continues to attend the state and national leadership conferences, applying the skills he learns there to his job as an auditor at Deloitte. Peter is extremely proud of how Rutgers PBL continues to grow and how it remains one of the most active organizations on campus.

President 2012-2014

External Vice President 2011-2012

Name: Veronica Velazquez

Major: Marketing

Minor: American Studies

Grad Year: 2014

Bio: Veronica spent all of her years at Rutgers heavily involved in PBL, starting as a PR/Events Committee Member and working her way up to a two-term President. Leading the executive board team in the weekly operations of such a well-rounded organization enhanced her professional skills and team management skills. She is certain that her practical experience in PBL helped her land internships and jobs more so than classroom concepts and theory. PBL provided a second-family and a vast network of ambitious individuals. Since graduating, Veronica is a sales/marketing management trainee in the prestigious, three-year Unilever Future Leaders Program. PBL will always have a spot in her heart.

Internal Vice President 2013-2014

Events Coordinator 2012-2013

Name: Pranusha Reddy

Major: Finance

Grad Year: 2014

Bio: Pranusha Reddy was instantly drawn to Rutgers PBL the moment she met the organization’s officers and their charismatic leadership. Since her freshmen year, Pranusha had the privilege to learn from a diverse group of individuals whether it be as a Public Relations committee member or an Executive Board member during her final two years within the organization. While she gained so much during her time with PBL, the one thing that this organization has taught her above all is that hard work and passion are vital to one’s success. While Pranusha ends one chapter at Rutgers University, the bonds she has formed through PBL are forever. After graduation, she hopes to gain several years of experience within the realm of finance before pursuing an MBA in international business. In the meantime, she continues to enjoy the simple things while dreaming big

President 2011-2012

Secretary 2012-2013

Membership Director 2010-2011

Name: Colleen Grosse

Major: Marketing

Grad Year: 2013

Bio: Colleen E. Grosse spent her years at Rutgers Business School from 2009-2013. She was part of the first class of RBS EOF (Educational Opportunity Fund) students to be admitted straight from high school. She began as part of the Community Service Committee, and was elected as Membership Director as well as Public Relations Committee Head in 2010. As Membership Director, with the help of her teammates and intense PR initiatives, they increased membership from 52 to over 90 in one year. She served as New Jersey Membership Director in 2011, and went on to serve as Rutgers PBL President and New Jersey State President in 2012. She won 9th place nationally in Justice Administration, and found that she had a passion for social injustice issues, specifically the education and school to prison pipeline correlation. She served as Secretary and mentor her final year with Phi Beta Lambda while she worked full time at a Digital Media and Marketing Agency in the NYC area. She has experience working with nonprofits, served as the first FIGS EOF Exploring Business Instructor – a course directly intended to impact students of color and first generation college families. She is now a high school Mathematics teacher in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she integrates social justice topics and business analytics into her courses to inspire students of color, low income, and disadvantaged backgrounds to create effective change in their communities. She attributes her joyful experiences at Rutgers to the community she found at Phi Beta Lambda meetings, conferences, and events. She encourages ALL students (regardless of major) to seek meaning and value in their work in order to better the communities around them.

Historian 2012-2013

Professional Development Director 2011-2012

Name: Samantha Hernandez

Major: Communication and Sociology

Grad Year: 2013

Bio: Samantha spent 8 years with FBLA-PBL, during which, she became more outgoing, confident and gained skills that she now uses every day during her job. Of all the things she learned with PBL, the most important lesson is to work hard but find what you are passionate about, that way it never feels like work. As an officer she learned how to organize meetings, plan events, manage her time and work on a team, all of which she currently uses as an engagement manager and account executive with EQ New York on their Verizon Fios campaign. Samantha hopes to one day become an event planner and open her own consulting firm, but in the mean time, she is currently spending her free time studying to get her J.D./M.B.A, traveling, playing volleyball, and acting as a member of the Rutgers PBL professional division.

President 2008-2010

Name: Vikki De Guzman

Major: Accounting and Philosophy

Grad Year: 2010

Bio: A good friend once told me, “If you want what you’ve never had, you must do what you’ve never done.” Throughout my time at Rutgers I have tried to live up to this saying. Now as a senior, I hope to share my experiences with the goal of helping each member excel personally and professionally. Four years in PBL has allowed me to take on exciting new projects and opportunities, and from it I learned that if you want to make a difference, PBL can make it happen.


President 2006-2008

Name: Eric Weinberg

Major: Management

Grad Year: 2008

Bio: Eric joined the Professional Division of FBLA-PBL after 4+ involvement in PBL on the local, state, and national level. Eric says that when he transferred to Rutgers, he was surprised that our school did not have an FBLA-PBL chapter. Now, he constantly expresses how tremendously proud he is of what the organization has grown to become. “FBLA-PBL shaped my professional future and enriched my life in too many ways to count. I’m very happy that so many other Rutgers students have been a part of something truly wonderful and will continue to take advantage of the benefits and opportunities available.