Rutgers PBL has no general membership requirements. Anyone – from any major, any year, and any academic credentials – can go to our general meetings and attend events. Since each of our meetings is designed to be independent of any other meeting, it is also never too late to join.

However, if you are looking to join a committee, vote in elections, or run for an Executive Board position, you will need to pay dues. Dues are $40 for the entire year and can be paid at any time.

The easiest way for a member to get involved in PBL is to attend our meetings, which are held at 9:45 pm every other Tuesday in the Livingston Student Center Room 201B. Committee applications for the 2014-2015 close on October 10th.

Membership is tracked using our Membership Pyramid, a system in which members earn points by going to meetings, participating events, and getting involved in PBL. Earning points comes with a variety of rewards, which are currently to be disclosed.