Executive Board

The president shall:

  1. preside over all (executive and general) meetings of the Chapter.
  2. specifically oversee the PR/Events and Professional Development Committees.
  3. serve on the Council of Business Presidents.
  4. promote the growth of Rutgers PBL.
  5. represent the organization to the University as a whole and act as the primary contact.
  6. be a nonvoting member of Executive Board, unless there is a need to break or force a tie.
  7. prepare agendas for Executive Board meetings.

Internal Vice President:
The internal vice president shall:

  1. preside in the absence of the President.
  2. assist the President and Board members.
  3. act as a liaison for events hosted between Rutgers PBL and other high schools.
  4. spearhead the yearly election process for the organization.
  5. collaborate with fellow campus organizations.
  6. aid the Community Service and Fundraising Committees in completing their assigned tasks.

External Vice President:
The external vice president shall:

  1. oversee the PR/Events Committee with the Events Coordinator.
  2. aggressively recruit members and create recruitment programs.
  3. attend all involvement fairs and similar events, or send a suitable, informed proxy.
  4. maintain the membership list, track membership points, and design the Membership Program and point system.
  5. facilitate the Membership Program, which shall be designed to recognize and award outstanding members.
  6. act as a liaison between the general members and the Executive Board.
  7. take attendance at general meetings.
  8. advertise through social media and send emails with the help of the committee.
  9. keep track of all PBL promotional items held by Rutgers PBL and manage the purchasing and selling of shirts.
  10. create and maintain marketing materials such as trifolds and brochures.

The treasurer shall:

  1. act as a custodian for all of the funds for the organization, including but not limited to collecting dues, giving financial reports, reserving hotel rooms for conferences and being the conference coordinator.
  2. send the membership list with dues to the state and national offices.
  3. prepare and submit a budget to the University and handle the budget appeals process if necessary.
  4. attend the Treasurers’ Workshop provided by the University.

The secretary shall:

  1. provide minutes for Executive Board meetings in a timely manner.
  2. act as a liaison between Rutgers PBL and the NJ PBL State Office.
  3. lead projects on the state and national level such as the “Outstanding Chapter” project and “Membership Madness” project.
  4. maintain a list of upcoming events and a to-do list for officers.
  5. send emails to the general body at the direction of the Executive Board.

Professional Development Director:
The professional development director shall:

  1. oversee the Professional Development Committee.
  2. research presentation content of general meetings and plan interactive activities.
  3. ensure that members are learning useful skills for their future careers.
  4. actively seek professionals, professors, alumni, and other speakers to attend general meetings.

Events Coordinator:
The events coordinator shall:

  1. oversee the PR/Events Committee with the External Vice President.
  2. plan chapters events, including but not limited to semester events, executive board activities, meetings, etc.
  3. organize logistics for semester events, executive board activities, and meetings.
  4. work with the Treasurer in maintaining the budget for events.

The historian shall:

  1. oversee the Historian-Webmaster Committee with the Webmaster.
  2. be responsible for photographs to be taken at every PBL event.
  3. post all suitable, professional pictures in a place where members can access them.
  4. create a newsletter to be sent out to members or a scrapbook to be submitted for the State Leadership Conference.
  5. assist other Executive Board members with their responsibilities.

Community Service Chair:
The community service chair shall:

  1. oversee the Community Service Committee.
  2. oversee all community service activities for Rutgers PBL.
  3. promote activities to contribute to the “service” aspect of the PBL goals and suggest new service event for the year.
  4. assist FBLA-PBL’s national service partner, March of Dimes, through tabling and events.
  5. report to the Internal Vice President.

Fundraising Chair:
The fundraising chair shall:

  1. oversee the Fundraising Committee.
  2. oversee all fundraising activities for Rutgers PBL.
  3. develop strong partnerships with local business owners to support fundraising ventures.
  4. develop new fundraising ideas.
  5. report to the Internal Vice President.

The webmaster shall:

  1. oversee the Historian-Webmaster Committee with the Historian.
  2. update the Rutgers PBL website to include information as directed by the Executive Board.
  3. maintain and improve the Rutgers PBL website at the direction of the Executive Board.
  4. be a non-voting member of the Executive Board.