Kevin Malar<br><h4>President</h4>

Kevin Malar


Major: Supply Chain Management/Masters of Supply Chain Analytics
Graduation Year: 2020/2021
Email: [email protected]

Kevin has been a member of FBLA/PBL since his sophomore year of high school. As president of Rutgers PBL, Kevin hopes to provide value to the general members and to increase attendance at meetings. In his free time, he watches VEEP and plays bass guitar.

Sunny Feng<br><h4>Internal Vice President</h4>

Sunny Feng

Internal Vice President

Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering, Computer Science
Graduation Year: 2020
Email: [email protected]

Sunny has been involved with FBLA-PBL for the past three years and is excited for what she can do in the Vice President Internal position. She hopes to expand the size of the club and create new engaging events for the community. Outside of PBL, she is the President of the club Women in Computer Science (WiCS) and she will be interning at Google over the summer. She loves to hike and read in her free time.

Janine Shieh<br><h4> External Vice President</h4>

Janine Shieh

External Vice President

Major: Finance and Mathematics
Graduation Year: 2022
Email: [email protected]

Janine has been involved with the FBLA-PBL organization since her freshman year of high school. Previously, she served as the Event Coordinator, leading the PR and Events Committee. This year as VPE, she hopes to expand the outreach of Rutgers PBL, while creating a warm community that lifts each other up. Janine’s goal for this year is to bring more members from all majors to PBL and to grow the PR and Events Committee’s potential. Outside of Rutgers PBL, Janine serves as the State Membership Director of NJ PBL and is an active member of the Quantitative Finance Club and LIBOR.

Paul Casperson<br><h4>Secretary and Co-Historian</h4>

Paul Casperson

Secretary and Co-Historian

Major: Marketing
Graduation Year: 2022
Email: [email protected]

Paul is currently a sophomore, serving as the Secretary of FBLA-PBL. After belonging to Rutgers FBLA-PBL during his freshman year, he wanted to become more involved with the club because of its mission to develop students’ leadership skills and professional etiquette, all the while providing an abundance of resources to do so. He is looking forward to a productive and fun year, hoping to help FBLA-PBL reach new heights and expand as a club. In his free time, Paul enjoys watching movies, playing video games, and writing.

Monet Elgawly<br><h4>Treasurer</h4>

Monet Elgawly


Major: Accounting and Finance
Graduation Year: 2021
Email: [email protected]

Monet is currently a junior double majoring in Accounting and Finance. She has a passion for singing and music and loves meeting new people! She joined PBL to learn essential business skills, in addition to making friends in the process. Aside from being Treasurer for PBL, she is a TA for Intro to Management and is also a BGS tutor.

Drew Schreiber<br><h4>Professional Development Director</h4>

Drew Schreiber

Professional Development Director

Major: Supply Chain
Graduation Year: 2021
Email: [email protected]

Drew is extremely excited to be the new Professional Development Director for the 2019-2020 academic year! He looks forward to making PBL meetings informative, interactive, and most importantly fun! Besides helping others, Drew is a really big fan of sports and modern rock music. He looks forward to seeing everyone at the general interest meetings!

Kevin Shi<br><h4>Event Coordinator</h4>

Kevin Shi

Event Coordinator

Major: Finance
Graduation Year: 2021
Email: [email protected]

Kevin has been involved in PBL for the past three semesters and has been involved with the Event Planning/PR committee for the past year. He plans to replicate, and hopes to surpass, the success of last year’s Dining with the Distinguished event. Kevin is also a member of the Model UN and the Global Roommates Program. His primary interests include the stock market and business news, sports (basketball, baseball, tennis, Premier League soccer), and the economics of sports (Moneyball, FiveThirtyEight, etc.).

Matthew Mulkay<br><h4>Fundraising Chair</h4>

Matthew Mulkay

Fundraising Chair

Major: Accounting
Graduation Year: 2021
Email: [email protected]

Matthew has been a member of Rutgers FBLA – PBL for two years prior to being selected as the Fundraising Chair. He served on the fundraising committee for one year, where he helped to run successful fundraising events like the Valentines Day Rose Sale. Outside of PBL, Matthew is involved with several organizations, including Rutgers Marching Scarlet Knights, School of Arts and Sciences Honors Program, and Beta Alpha Psi. Matthew is looking forward to working with the E-Board, Fundraising Committee, and general members to plan and help raise funds for events and conferences.

Khushi Gandhi<br><h4>Community Service Chair</h4>

Khushi Gandhi

Community Service Chair

Major: Business Analytics and Information Technology
Graduation Year: 2022
Email: [email protected]

Khushi Gandhi has been involved with FBLA since high school and was very excited to join PBL upon entering Rutgers. Last year, she served as a member of the Community Service Committee and is honored to take on the role of Community Service Chair with hopes of engaging more PBL members in community service to help develop leadership and networking skills. In regards to PBL as a whole, she hopes to encourage more students to learn about Phi Beta Lambda and join the club. Outside of PBL, Khushi is a Peer Mentor and Honors Ambassador for the Honors Program as well as a member of the Value Creating Society of Nichiren Buddhism. In her (limited) free time, she loves to spend time with family and friends and go swimming and do yoga.

Kunal Bhosale<br><h4>Webmaster and Co-Historian</h4>

Kunal Bhosale

Webmaster and Co-Historian

Major: Finance and Business Analytics & Information Technology
Graduation Year: 2022
Email: [email protected]

Kunal has been involved in FBLA-PBL since junior year of high school and is currently the Webmaster of FBLA-PBL as a Sophmore. This year, he hopes to help other PBL members take advantage of all the opportunities the club has to offer. Outside of PBL, Kunal loves to play tennis and has been a member of Rutgers Tennis Club since his freshman year.