Dining With The Distinguished 2019

Dining With The Distinguished 2019


Rutgers FBLA-PBL is hosting its annual “Dining with the Distinguished” on December 6th and you don’t want to miss it!

Phi Beta Lamda is going to be having their “Dining with the Distinguished” event on December 6th, 6 pm to 10 pm in the College Avenue Student Center. 6 pm to 7 pm, the students will have the opportunity to network with numerous professionals representing various companies.  This is a great way for students in RBS to gain information about these companies which would help them in their future endeavors. After networking, there will be a dinner from 7 pm to 10 pm where the students will be having dinner with these professionals while having the chance to build relationships with these individuals and gain connections.  

Last year around 300 students from Rutgers University and professionals came out to participate in this event. This event is considered one of RBS’ top networking events because of the opportunities it provides its students. Employers from some of the top accounting, finance, engineering, and health firms will be attending this event. Companies such as EV, Deloitte, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan Chase, People magazine, BASE, Prudential and many more. Not only RBS students but other students as well should definitely come out to this event to build connections with their dream employers in a different setting.  

Get Ready for the State Leadership Conference!

Get Ready for the State Leadership Conference!

Rutgers will be hosting the FBLA PBL State Leadership Conference in the Rutgers Business School building on Sunday, April 15th from 9am to 6pm. Events range from Accounting to Economics to Web Design, so there is an event for everyone!

The list of events available is here.

If you’re unsure of what event to try, click here!

When you’re ready and interested in competing against other NJ universities and colleges, SIGN UP to compete here. (this is an official sign up form)

Dining With The Distinguished 2017

Dining With The Distinguished 2017

Come out to network with professionals from various companies while enjoying a free dinner at this year’s Dining with the Distinguished!

FBLA-PBL hosts an annual fall event called Dining with the Distinguished. This is a night of banquet style food and networking between ambitious students and professionals, which will be held on Friday, December 1st at 6:00 PM at Rutgers University in the Busch Campus Student Center. All students are welcome to attend and network with distinguished professionals. In previous years, we had over 200 professionals and students in attendance and have been awarded the “Best Networking Event” in the Rutgers Business School three-years running.

View our splash page to see what companies are coming!

NFLC 2017 Details

NFLC 2017 Details

Hello new and old PBL-ers,

It was nice seeing you all on Tuesday!

Here is a detailed insight regarding NFLC:


FBLA-PBL National Fall Leadership Conference is a two day business conference filled with interesting professional development seminars and opportunities to network with fellow PBL members. On the trip you should have two days worth of business attire (business casual is okay but business professional is preferred: please see NFLC conference guide for guidance on what constitutes business casual and business professional). You also must attend at least 3 workshops during the conference. A formal itinerary will be given closer to the actual dates!


What: NFLC (National Fall Leadership Conference)
Where: Buffalo, NY
When: November 3rd-November 5th. Everyone will be leaving in the morning to get to Buffalo in time! We will be checking out November 5th
Why: Meet and network with other PBL chapters in the country while going to events that will enhance your professional development.
(Also, you have the opportunity to bond with Rutgers PBL and explore Buffalo!)
How much?: Rutgers PBL’s early membership fee ($35)

What you need to do:

Please fill out the paper work attached with your $35 membership fee by next meeting (September 26th, 10PM LSC 202B)
It is first come first serve to secure your spot! You must be present to give your paperwork and money.
TBD: mode of transportation
If you have the ability to drive to Buffalo and an able car, please check off “I am a driver on this trip” and list the number of passengers your car can hold, including you!

Please reach out with any questions or concerns you may have, thanks!

NFLC 2017

Watch here!

Fill out these forms:

Travel Waiver
PBL Code of Conduct

State Leadership Conference 2017

State Leadership Conference 2017

This past Sunday, Rutgers PBL attended and competed at this year’s State Leadership Conference. We brought home 55 awards in total and we couldn’t be more proud of our members!
Awards received:

Accounting Principles – Matt Peyrek 1st place, Elijah Viola 2nd place
Business Communication – Nirmala Penmatsa 2nd place
Business Decision Making – Neel Patel, Anuj Patel and Asad Ghani 1st place
Business Ethics – Manika Harikumar and Samantha George 1st place
Business Law – Asad Ghani 1st place
Business Presentation – Neel Patel 1st place
Business Sustainability – Sahithi Talagadadeevi and Nirmala Penmatsa 1st place
Client Service – Kevin Rana 1st place
Computer Concepts – Yuqing Feng 1st place
Emerging Business Issues – Akash Chhabra, Hiren Patel, and Sunny Sheth 1st place
Financial Concepts – Ryan Kola 1st place, Avni Bali 3rd place, Neha Patel 4th place
HR Management – Elijah Viola 1st place, Akiladevi Arumugam 3rd place
Impromptu Speaking – Veronica Conin 2nd place
Information Management – Hiren Patel 1st place, Gurleen Gill 2nd place
Macroeconomics – Ryan Kola 1st place, Sunny Sheth 2nd place, Adriana Hong 4th place
Marketing Concepts – Sahithi Karingula 3rd place, Samantha George 4th place
Microeconomics – Adriana Hong 1st place, Yuqing Feng 2nd place
Mobile Applications Development – Eli Minkin 1st place
Personal Finance – Matt Peyrek 4th place
Project Management – Anuj Patel 1st place, Manika Harikumar 2nd place, Jenny Chen 3rd place
Public Speaking – Aneri Rokad 2nd place
Retail Management – Akila Devi 1st place, Elaine Lee 2nd place
Sales Presentation – Akash Chhabra 1st place
Social Meida Campaign – Megha Nair and Sahithi Karingula 1st place, Veronica Conin and Aneri Rokad 2nd place
Sports Management & Marketing – Brandon Daley 1st place, Sahithi Talagadadeevi 2nd place
Statistical Analysis – Brandon Daley 2nd place
Website Design – Arpit Shah, Elaine Lee, and Kevin Rana 1st place
Community Service Project – Rutgers PBL 1st place
Local Chapter Business Report – Rutgers PBL 1st place
Who’s Who in PBL – Elaine Lee
NJ PBL Scholarship – Anuj Patel

Congratulations to everyone who placed!

Apply to be a part of next year’s Eboard!

Apply to be a part of next year’s Eboard!

Eboard applications for Fall 2017-Spring 2018 are out! If you’re interested in playing a larger role in Rutgers FBLA-PBL’s future, apply for one of our 11 available positions open next semester.

In order to be eligible to run, members must have achieved 20 POINTS on the membership pyramid BY election day and shadowed at least one executive board meeting prior to elections on April 4th, 2017. All interested candidates will need to be able to serve for the entire 2017-2018 school term.

*Please note that President must have at least one year of experience on the E-board.
**If you choose to run for Treasurer or Webmaster, you will be contacted to interview as these positions are appointed.

If you’re interested, apply via the link below:

Apply Here!

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